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How to bath the RIGHT way

How to bath the RIGHT way


Warm baths - 90-95F or 32-35C - open the pores and encourage sweating, which helps to release toxins. They are good for mild detoxing and slight colds. Warm baths can also help lower blood sugar levels, relieve painful joints and muscles, and help to keep your bowels working properly. 
Soak time: 10-20 minutes.

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If you're really stressed out, a cold bath can be the perfect answer - but they're only for the very brave and those in robust health. The temperature needs to be 55-65F, or 12-18C. Cold baths are fantastic if you're full of tension. They do the opposite of hot baths as they thin the blood and increase blood sugar levels.
Soak time: a quick dip - between six and 30 seconds at the most.



For skin conditions such as eczema, hives or rashes, adding some baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to your bath can make a big difference. It acts as a mild antiseptic, opens the pores and relieves itching and skin irritation. Fill the bath with lukewarm water, add about a pound of baking soda and mix well.
Soak time: 10-20 minutes.

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Yeast infections such as thrush can be helped by adding three or four cups of cider vinegar, preferably organic, to your bath. It's also very good for detoxifying the body as the vinegar helps to restore its acid/alkaline balance. Add to a full bath of warm water.
Soak time: 15-20 minutes.



Sprinkle 3-5lb of sea salt into the water and mix in well for a thoroughly relaxing bath. The cooler the water and the shorter the time spent in the bath, the more it acts as a tonic.
Soak time: 10-20 minutes.

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Colds and headaches

Hot foot baths can help with colds and headaches as well as refreshing tired feet. Pour enough hot water into the bath or a bowl to cover your feet and ankles and add a few drops of an essential oil such as lavender, peppermint, thyme or lemon. Finish by rinsing your feet with cold water.
Soak time: 10-20 minutes.

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"A cold foot bath is absolutely brilliant if you're insomniac or just sometimes have trouble sleeping. Soak your feet until they start to feel uncomfortably cold. This treatment is also useful for constipation, nose bleeds, tired feet and colds.
Soak time: as long as you can bear.

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Try alternating between hot and cold foot baths if you suffer from circulatory problems or varicose veins. Start by soaking your feet for one to two minutes in hot water, followed by 30 seconds in cold. Keep alternating between the two for 15 minutes, finishing with cold water.
Soak time: 15 minutes.

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